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Des DVD/Blu-ray (Region 2)

2 weeks until Des will be released on dvd/blu-ray (region 2)


3 weeks until Des will be on Sundance Now

Code 404 Series 1 USA

1 week until Code 404 Series 1 will be on Peacock

Jo Whiley (22nd September 2020)

Interview with Daniel Mays on Jo Whiley is available to listen to on the bbc (22nd September 2020)

Code Series 1 USA Trailer (9th September 2020)

A USA trailer for Series 1 of Code 404 has been posted on Peacock youtube channel (9th September 2020)

Des USA Air Date

Des will air on Sundance Now on the 15th October 2020

Jo Whiley

Daniel Mays will be on Jo Whiley on BBC radio 2 tonight at 19:00pm

Jo Whiley (22nd September 2020)

Daniel Mays will be on Jo Whiley on BBC radio 2 on the 22nd September 2020 at 19:00pm

This Morning (21st September 2020)

A video of a interview with Daniel Mays on This Morning has been posted on This Morning youtube channel (21st September 2020)

This Morning (21st September 2020)

Daniel Mays will be on This Morning on ITV on the 21st September 2020 at 10:00am

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